College (Method Classes)

"My students loved it. They thought it was great for their own review of grammar and syntax but they liked it as a teaching model to help students struggling with writing and editing."


~ Richard A Evans, Ph.D., College of Education, James Madison University



"When they (my students) wrote about exemplary literacy practices later in the semester, about half of the class mentioned your program. They were really impressed. My students thought that your program was fun and something they could do even if they didn't feel comfortable teaching grammar."


~ Cheryl Coleman, College of Education, UMBC



"I must say that your presentation was spectacular!  I was floored by your materials, so much so that I have even recommended your program to my mentor teacher and I think that the English Department at my PDS school would probably be just as impressed if they too saw such a presentation."


~ Chris Fenlon, UMBC graduate, New High School Language Arts Teacher



"I do want to say that I was really impressed by the practicality of your grammar activities. Grammar is overwhelming, and you've broken it down into a few basics that are extremely helpful to students. Those few things will help students in the rest of their lives, not just for that class."


~ Ashley Farrand, UMBC graduate, New 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher



"What I liked about GrammarActive is that it was an exciting approach to a boring aspect of the English language.  In a very easy to use and follow package, you are teaching students and they don't even know they are learning! The games after each lesson provide more than fun; they provide reinforcement.  The way it is structured, it seamlessly keeps up with the technology of today."


~ Jennifer Goodwin, UMBC Graduate, College of Education

Special Education

9th Grade

"I like the materials very much! I am hoping to get through all levels with this group by the end of the school year. ...When we do our grammar study, the top student(s) and I each work one-on-one with the other students. Your materials really lend themselves to that!"


~ Julie Stephenson, Trident Academy, SC

6th Grade

“GrammarActive fits into the BCPS learning model because it can be used to introduce concepts and can be used as review. The way our curriculum is written, it implies that the students already come to us with the knowledge of parts of speech; however, we realize this is just the opposite."


~ Chris Turner, Cockeysville Middle School, MD

High Schools

10th grade

“...The binder is full of information, and what I already like most is that it is all there for you, ready to use. I keep trying to find a way to motivate them to perform their best on a test and this may be it. We started yesterday with action and helping verbs and are continuing today with the transitive and intransitive verbs.”


Sage Middleton, National Academy Foundation at Digital High School, MD

9th grade

"I like the materials very much! I am hoping to get through all levels with this group by the end of the school year. ...When we do our grammar study, the top student(s) and I each work one-on-one with the other students. Your materials really lend themselves to that!"


Julie Stephenson, Trident Academy, SC

Middle Schools

6th grade

“The program offers the students a chance for some hands on involvement with the games and magnetic manipulatives. 


The disc (CD) provides the teacher with the ability to present the worksheets visually for the class to use as a class activity/game or as a way to complete a task without the trouble of Xeroxing and using precious quantities of paper.


The instructions given are easy to follow and many of the explanations given are in "student friendly" language. Explaining that intensive pronouns are used to "hammer home" an idea made them so much easier for my students to understand. It was the first time that the majority of my students got the difference between reflexive and intensive pronouns the first time they were presented.


Great and worthwhile program for any teacher of grammar!” 


~ Helen Potter, Boys’ Latin School, MD

6th-7th grades

"I received my materials and am very pleased. There are many hands on activities that I have been looking for. Thank you very much."


~ Doris Londenberg, Lorena Middle School, TX

7th-8th grade

"I observed a class using GrammarActive, and the students were working in groups and really enjoying the activities. It’s the first time I think I’ve ever heard a student use ‘grammar’ and ‘fun’ in the same sentence."


~ Linda Rock, Jenks Middle School, OK

Elementary Schools

4th grade

"My students look forward to Grammar Fridays because they are filled with fun. I pick one of the GrammarActive learning games that correlates with our current unit andwe play classroom review games, and enjoyable end to the week for all."

~ Jackie Lemmon, St. Mary's School, MD


5th grade

"GrammarActive Parts of Speech Series is a time saver for me and my team, and my students really enjoy it.  I no longer have to spend hours searching for activities, lessons, games to engage my students in written language usage.  It's all included in the set.  Thanks and good luck!"

~ Derrick Jermaine, Fort Bend, TX

Association of Educational Publishers

"The teacher instructions were clear and easy to follow."


"Your product has nice, quality designs."


"It meets the audience's needs for an instructional package."


"Overall, it is a high quality product with some nice designs and content.


~comments from various Distinguished Achievement Award Judges

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