Forever Learning, founded in 2005 by Angela Malicki, is an innovative curriculum development and publishing company comprised of experienced educators with a singular mission: create fun, action-packed, and engaging supplemental educational programs and activities that offer unique and effective teaching tools for educators around the globe. Our multi-sensory, kinesthetic programs offer teachers easy-to-use tools that serve to teach, reinforce, and then review concepts through hands-on instruction. Our goal is to empower teachers and motivate students to "get up and learn."




GrammarActive® Series


I. Parts of Speech - Four Volumes ('08 Finalist - AEP Distinguished Acheivement Award)


II. Grammar Games for Active Learning- ('09 Winner - AEP Distinguished Acheivement Award)


III. Online Grammar Games (three released and more to come!)


IV. Streaming Parts of Speech Lessons (coming soon)

V. Delving Deeper into Sentence Structure (coming soon)


Forever Learning's GrammarActive® Series of products are based on national language arts curriculum and standardized testing requirements for grades 5 - 11. We are especially keen to the changes in the written portion of the 2005 SATs, which places a greater emphasis on written language usage, comprehension, and application. The change in the New SAT requirements has mandated a nationwide restructuring of Language Arts curriculum to directly and thoroughly address the teaching of sentence structure and usage. Forever Learning products provide a comfort level for teachers allowing them to effectively teach skills in a fun and engaging way.


The unique "learning friendly" teaching methodology developed by Forever Learning engages both teachers and students in action oriented games, creating an energy and excitement in the classroom that leads to successful learning of written language usage. Our games are easy to use - a teacher can simply open the binder (or pop in the CD) read the key points, and introduce the concept to the class. Our thorough instructions will then guide the teacher step-by-step through the entire grammar series. Each volume has all the required components to meet national curriculum requirements. We include editing, literary reference and application, sentence structure, and writing.




NCTE - The National Council of Teachers of English


ASCD - International Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development


ACTFL - American Council of Teachers of Foreign Language


AEP - Association of Educational Publishers


AAP - Association of American Publishers - School Division

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